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Beyond Good and Evil 2: une nouvelle vidéo pour présenter les vaisseaux.

Beyond Good and Evil 2: une nouvelle vidéo pour présenter les vaisseaux.

A true Arlesian in the field of video games Beyond Good and Evil 2 has been rather discreet in recent months. The game team regularly shares information about the game through the Space Monkey Program, which brings together all its fans. The most popular appointments are of course the Space Monkey Reports, podcast videos with the team and in which have generally learned new crisp things. The last one was published in December, and since then, information has become scarce. Well, never mind, since on April 25, a new video presenting the customization of ships was put online. This short video gives us an overview of the possibilities that would be available to players to express their creativity.

In Beyond Good and Evil 2 ships are one of the essential components of the gameplay. Indeed, this second opus, which is a prequel, seems to present itself in the manner of a Space Opera, putting us in the shoes of a space pirate. The last Space Monkey Report showed us pre-alpha gameplay for the first time, and the focus was on vehicles. We could see the character flying on an "overbike", but also the ships, especially the hunters. And it is on this type of ships that this video focuses. We can see in particular that the paint of the cabin, but also the shape of the ship are customizable. The components should also be used to change their performance.

Beyond Good and Evil 2


It is true that this video is very short, and that for those who assiduously follow the Space Monkey Reports, nothing really new is revealed on Beyond Good and Evil 2. But with E3 fast approaching, Ubisoft surely has many surprises in store for us. The studio had already caused a sensation during the last two editions, with the breathtaking trailers it had unveiled, not to mention the emotion of Michel Ancel, the creator of Beyond Good and Evil, in tears on the stage during the announcement. The biggest expectation for this E3 will surely be the release date of the game, which is not yet known, although most players do not expect a release before 2020. Still others are hoping for a demo or beta by the end of the year. Time will tell.

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