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  • Sniper Elite 3 is the latest game in the award-winning Sniper Elite franchise. The third installment takes the players to the exotic, dangerous terrain of North America to tackle the Germany's deadly Afrika Korps.
    Hunt your targets in the twisting canyons, grassy oases, and ancient cities of the Western Desert as fast as possible as you try to sabotage a Nazi super-weapons program that has the ability to end the Allied resistance completely.
    Be stealthy, plan, and execute the ones standing in your path, be it man or machine. Sniper Elite 3 offers its signature long-distance hits, but melee elimination, distracting your enemies, and explosive traps are at your disposal to eliminate enemies both far away and close to you.
    Sniper Elite 3 perfected the rifle ballistics. Distance, gravity, wind, and even your heart rate should all be taken into consideration before firing a shot. Various new environments are present to stalk your prey in. Colossal multi-route levels that have both a main and side objectives have been implemented to make sure the player is busy at all times. Total player freedom is given when approaching these tasks.
    The ability to adapt to any situation is what makes Sniper Elite 3 so satisfying to play. Make use of stealth, distractions, traps, and even sound masking to execute perfect assassinations. If you end up in a pinch you can always use the new Relocate mechanic so you retreat to the shadows where you can start hunting again without being cornered.
    The human X-Ray Kil cam has been revamped. It now has detailed muscle layers shown, 3D mesh particles, and even the complete human circulatory system shown. The new addition is the X-Ray vehicle takedowns where you can take out vehicles like armored cars, trucks, and even Tiger tanks bit-by-bit.
    Sniper Elite 3 offers five unique modes in terms of online competitive action. The players can earn Medals and Ribbons when they play. XP is earned by playing all modes, characters can be customized, same goes with weapons and load outs.
    The game's campaign can also be played by two players in co-op, or you can test the power of your teamwork and engage in two game modes: Overwatch and Survival.

    Comparer les prix et acheter Sniper Elite 3 moins cher sur PC, PS4, Xbox360, PS3, XboxOne en boîte ou sous forme de clé cd. Active la clé Sniper Elite 3 sur les plateformes officielles comme Steam, Sony PSN, Xbox LIVE, Steam Europe. Le meilleur moyen d'acheter Sniper Elite 3 pas cher.

    • Site officiel : Sniper Elite 3
    • PEGI : 16
    • Catégories : Action , FPS
    • Editeur : 505 games
    • Développeur : rebellion
    • Mode(s) : Solo
    • Date de sortie : 27/06/2014
    • Configuration minimum requise

    • OS : Win XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • Utilisez la clé cd Sniper Elite 3 sur Steam puis télécharger votre jeu.

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  • Produit Steam localisé Europe

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