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Acheter LEGO City Undercover : The Chase Begins

  • Acheter LEGO City Undercover : The Chase Begins 3DS

Marchand star Star retailers dlcompare

  • PriceMinister

    16.90 platform top price

  • Micromania

    17.00 platform top price

  • Cdiscount

    18.87 platform top price

  • The world of LEGO is an ever growing one, as franchises new and old come to the LEGO way and become something special. But then, there are times when LEGO goes and makes their own world, like with the LEGO City franchise. And through that construction came the arrival of its own legendary hero: Chase McCain. But now, you can find out how Chase McCain became Chase McCain in LEGO City Undercover : The Chase Begins. This game for the 3DS is a prequel to the hit LEGO City Undercover, and show the legendary origin of the man who would become one of the greatest crimefighters in LEGO City.
    As a rookie, Chase McCain just wants to do good in LEGO City, and to do that, he needs to make arrests of the cities criminals. Be the police officer that Chase dreams of being by having go and find the scum of LEGO City and put them behind bars! Drive fast in LEGO cars to chase down those fleeing the scene, then, follow them to their hangouts and take them down. Make the arrest, and save the day!
    But, not everything can be down the easy way, sometimes, you'll need to sneak up to them, and gain their trust before making the arrest. Go undercover as only Chase McCain can get it done! The more you do, the more you'll grow, and the more LEGO City will love you! This is the origin story, make sure it ends the right way in LEGO City Undercover : The Chase Begins.

    Comparer les prix et acheter LEGO City Undercover : The Chase Begins moins cher sur 3DS en boîte ou sous forme de clé cd. Active la clé LEGO City Undercover : The Chase Begins sur les plateformes officielles comme Nintendo eShop. Le meilleur moyen d'acheter LEGO City Undercover : The Chase Begins pas cher.

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